Monday, 14 December 2009

Merry Christmas from Burning Chrome

So first of I'd like to introduce my myself. I'm Arapants the new Manager/Blogger for Burning Chrome you might have seen me hanging around the store well not hanging more dancing heh.

Well enough about me so onto the new stuffs from BC yay! So it's December and you know what that mean Christmas! Amesha went a little crazy and overdosed on lights and put lots of goodies out under the Christmas tree such as Wings, Chokers and Halo's \o/ and to top it all off she even went a stuck lights and candy canes on the Inertia, Daemon and Neko Fusion boots which are all part of the Twisted Krissmus brought to you DV8. All boots are only 100l so bargain!

Dark and Light versions on each set :D Enjoy Chromatics.

BC christmas

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