Monday, 14 December 2009

Merry Christmas from Burning Chrome

So first of I'd like to introduce my myself. I'm Arapants the new Manager/Blogger for Burning Chrome you might have seen me hanging around the store well not hanging more dancing heh.

Well enough about me so onto the new stuffs from BC yay! So it's December and you know what that mean Christmas! Amesha went a little crazy and overdosed on lights and put lots of goodies out under the Christmas tree such as Wings, Chokers and Halo's \o/ and to top it all off she even went a stuck lights and candy canes on the Inertia, Daemon and Neko Fusion boots which are all part of the Twisted Krissmus brought to you DV8. All boots are only 100l so bargain!

Dark and Light versions on each set :D Enjoy Chromatics.

BC christmas

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New Release: Stampfen Boots

I decided that what I desperately needed to make were some big stompy nothing-is-going-to-get-in-your-way boots... and came up with these.

These are big and chunky boots, with colour changing lights, tintable tubing and sole UV detailing. You can wear them as knee highs or add the thigh pieces to extend the length. And the best bit is, they are unisex, so everyone can enjoy stomping around SL showing lag whose boss!


~~ Amesha

New Releases : 7th October

I've been going a little boot crazy recently and decided to make some stilletos to add to the range. So I sat and fiddled with the sculpts I have and played with some textures and came up with these two styles:

Black Electric

Made in shiny black PVC, they are surrounded in straps that you can change colour. They have killer high stilleto heels and a front platform with some neat springy details. I do love my springs!


These are similar to Black Electric but they take things one step further. Keeping with the PVC material, the straps and the killer stilleto platform base, these are loaded with buckles and are completely texture change / tintable, which means you have so many combinations you can make. Make the straps and boot match, or mismatch, its entirely up to you!

You can also find a Burgundy PVC colour set of the Synesthesia boots as the Group Gift in store.

~~ Amesha

Saturday, 12 September 2009

New Midnight Mania Prize!

To replace the Neko Fusion Boots, I have put this exlusive peek at a new range of hair that I am experiementing with.

Introducing Loxx.. these are based on the hair I used to make back in the real world going back a few years or so when I was highly involved in the fake hair scene. I would post pictures - but sheesh I don't wanna scare you!

Basically it was a case of how big your hair could get.. and Tubular Crin was the way to go. Supa light, supa springeh and boy was it huuuge!

Isnt it yummy :p Ed always used to like playing with it though.. and he would always get his fingers trapped in it as he would use it like a finger torture device as if you put your finger in each end and pulled it, it would shrink! Boys eh?

So anyway... back from memory lane, I decided to recreate some of my old Crin hair styles in SL, and as a prototype created this:

Believe me when I say it totally embodies all the floaty, big haired yumminess of Crin hair pieces! The Crin is UV and they colour change seperately. I have used pictures of actual Crin mixed in with textures that I thought looked good used as substitute Crin as it gives the look of some styles of Crin you can buy. There are also some long strands of black plastic in there to give the look of Rexlace that I used to throw into the hair pieces for added oomfh! The hair base is also texture changable to 10 basic hair colours, but that also means you arent stuck with just having a black base.

I loved the outcome so much I put them in the Midnight Mania board as the prize, and they will be there for the next few days! So come and slap the board and tell me what you think of them!

~~ Amesha

New Release - 12th September

During the first two weeks of the Twisted Hunt, I put up the Limited Edition Purple Neko Fusion boots with the promised release of the Black version soon.

So today they finally arrived and they are a bundle of strappy, buckly, tubey, springey based goodness!

The Tubes are texture changed and can be turned into rope, with different shades of rope aswell as the option of tinting both Tubing and Rope. They are also resizable using the scripts.

Hope you like them! They will also be available in Regular boot and Demonic Hooves soon (though if you like the sound of the Hooves those can be found as part of the Demonology Hunt gift around the store - just look for a bloody hand print!)

~~ Amesha

Twisted Hunt

I have had such problems with getting into blog recently that I have been slacking like hell in keeping up to date.

So, we are participating as a Sponser of the Twisted Hunt that started on September 1st and runs until September 30th. We have made a male and female Mech set as the prize, complete with colour changing Mech Arms, Spinal attachment and Hair! And as a special extra gift for everyone participating, we have redone the Spring Twisted Hunt Hat with the new Twisted Cube!

Don't forget to click on the Easel to find out more about instore offers! For each week of the hunt, we will be reducing select items down to 50L!

We hope everyone will have fun as that really is what Hunts are all about and I have always found that the Twisted Hunt has some of the best community spirit in SL! So grab your hunting hats and get going!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New Release: 23rd June 2009

I've been wanting to add a range of Neko parts to the collection for a long while now. I adore kitties in RL and Im always playing kitty in SL.

So here is the first in what will be an expanding range of Neko-wear. I have created a basic set to begin with. It comes with a set of twitchy ears and 3 styles of interactive tail.

Something for everyone, and for 100L$ it is a nice starter set for those who want to invoke the inner kitteh ;p

*goes back to working on more kittycat goodness*